Sea Harrier FA2 pt2…

So, the build goes ahead. First up was the cockpit, which these days is quite good looking…

IMG_3575 All the panels have decals for the various switches, the seat is reasonably well modelled with moulded seat straps and the stick is realistic instead of, well, just a stick of plastic.

The main problem here is that I’ve used my phone to take the photos and in macro it is rubbish, so after today I’m going to use a real camera.

I mean, I’m a Fellow of the RPS for goodness’ sake… Should be ashamed…

Anyway, the next bit was the intake fairing and that fitted together easily enough.


In fact, I think they fit better than the Harrier GR9 I did a while ago because the external venturi comes in one piece rather than two. The big deal is that on the Harrier you can see the main fan from outside as the intake is so short. I painted it titanium steel instead of silver as I think silver is too blue.


Then we put the two halves of the fuselage together, putting these bits plus all the wheel wells in at the same time. This was a bit fiddly and there were a few gaps. Still, with some time spent on filling and sanding it’s OK.

IMG_3580    IMG_3581

It has had a basic coat of satin US ghost grey. Next is tidying up the surface, attaching the canopy, exhausts and undercarriage, another paint then starting some of the detail decals before we get onto weapons.

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