A matter of colours…

One thing about this modelling lark is that you start to get just a touch obsessive. I mean about the markings and, worst of all, the colours.

In evidence, I present exhibit A, the next component in the 800NAS project story, the Hawker Sea Hurricane.

Sea Hurricane 01

A real Sea Hurricane flying at the Shuttleworth Collection.

Sea Hurricane kit boxAs well as being the first propeller-era kit I’ll be making for the 800 Squadron Project, it is the first Revell kit I have made. I don’t recall ever buying them back in the old days. Maybe they were just a bit too expensive, or our local model shop didn’t sell them. Maybe it was just that at the time Airfix had market dominance. In any case, this was my first.

Sea Hurricane kit

Sea Hurricane detailsRight away, the mouldings on these are simply amazing. The detail and crispness is really good (viz. the undercarriage bay here) and many bits fit together almost without glue. In fact, on a few components I had to sand of the tiny layer of primer that had got onto the joints so the bits would go together. Of course, there are not many pieces but then the Hurricane was not the most complex of aircraft.

This build also means I get to use the time travelling pilot from the Sea Harrier in a more appropriate setting. I do need to give him a moustache at least. Nice decal for the instrument panel too.

I was going to photograph it in construction, but it all went so well I just kept going.

But you know what the problem is already. I mean, you can see it, can’t you?

Sea Hurricane colour

Yes, the green is HIDEOUS. The grey (Humbrol 123 extra dark sea grey) is correct, but I didn’t have any 224 dark slate grey and all the pictures I looked at seemed to use green. So why not the 1940 olive drab green that works so wonderfully on the Spitfire? Because it doesn’t work with dark grey! So, I’ll order some. Oh, no, not so fast. Humbrol don’t have it in acrylic as it is currently out of production. So I have had to scour t’interweb to find a shop that has it in stock. As it is a standard WW2 colour for the Fleet Air Arm I ordered two pots, just to be safe. I also ordered some spare grey letter decals to make it an 800NAS aircraft (the kit comes with 760NAS or 835NAS).

When it’s arrived I can finish the cockpit properly, put on the canopy, tidy the paint and decal it up.


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