In a hell of a Hurricane…

Well, no post for a little while as I have been building and not photographing.

So, quick update.

As you may recall, I was waiting for some Humbrol 224 Dark Slate Grey paint and, in bits and pieces if not drips and drabs, I have got some. There is a lot of really old stock out there and I have returned three pots that had dried up before I got one I could use. Anywho, the Sea Hurricane is done…


You’ll notice the lack of cannon. This is because the kit I bought is a Hurricane IIc (with four 20mm cannon) and the aircraft markings I had were for a IIa (with eight 0.303 machine guns). Overall, it’s OK but I know I can do better. Maybe towards the end of the process I’ll get another kit, although IIa and IIb Sea Hurricanes are difficult to find. One came in a twin set with a Fairey Swordfish as an Airfix club special, so that might be an eBay thing one day.



Sub-Lt Cholmondley-Smythe RN, as I like to think of him, now has a fighter moustache but no beard. One can take the matelot thing a tad too far, I feel. Let Jolly Jack Tar get the face decoration. Pilots should be of smooth chin.


Then I found out that 800NAS operated the IIc as well, but then I don’t have marking references for it. So that could be two kits later…


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