Ceci n’est pas un avion…

I thought I would take a break from aeroplanes for a while. Mainly because I found this kit being sold…


So, why particularly a French aircraft carrier, one that was once something else? Well, because one of the Colossus Class of light fleet aircraft carrier was HMS Triumph, on which my father served. It was what took him to Malaya and Korea to fight, but also to Japan for an amazing adventure onshore during a long refit. So I thought I’d get it, change it from HMS Colossus to HMS Triumph and build it for him.


There are lots of extra bits here – the familiar brass sheen of photo etch for example – but an awful lot of the plastic bits will be replaced.



Here’s an example of why. The grey thing is the crane supplied with the kit. It is sitting on the brass that will replace it when cut out and folded. So you can see, super detail really means what it says.



Of course, fitting some of this will be a nightmare. I started on the railings, each bit is cut out and superglued in place on the inside of the shell of the hull. There’s loads to do. Then assemble the hull, sort out the lifeboats and their lashings, put the deck on and run the arrestor wires, attach all the cranes, radio masts and radar stuff from the photo etch, and paint it all. Including a Union Flag on the flight deck.

I grew up with the story of the day they painted a Union Flag across the flight deck during the Korean War, so I’m going to add that. The pity is that no-one makes 1/400th scale Seafires to go on it…

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