The end of the fury…

So, at last the wing folding kit for the Hellcat arrived.


The last Hellcat Mk.1 looked a little distressed awaiting its wings while waiting in the wings (see what I did there?). But, an astonishingly small time after I paid for them, the wings arrived from China.

IMG_3608 (1)


The parts are cast in resin rather than moulded in plastic, so they need a good trim and to be separated from their supports. It is actually quite easy as the resin cuts well. I used superglue to put all the bits together. They are as good as the original plastic for accuracy.




So here are the two wings having been cut up, reassembled and finished. I have added the leading door for the undercarriage leg as well. All that is then needed is to paint them up and stick them on.

IMG_3617 (1)IMG_3618 (1)







And thus, tadaaaaahhhh! The fury of Hellcats is complete with the Hellcat Mk.1 that served on HMS Emperor in early 1944.


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