Deck handling

After a brief hiatus to finish the folded Hellcat, the aircraft carrier project continues. After assembling the basic hull I had a go at modifying the flight deck.

IMG_3620 (1)

The first thing was getting the white lines right (the kit differed from the photos I have seen of HMS Triumph). Also, I had to change the identifier from ‘C’ for Colossus (the ship in the kit) to ‘P’ for Triumph. Before you ask, ‘T’ had already been used for Theseus.

IMG_3619 (1)

Then there are the famous Union Flag and the arrester cables. In the kit, the lines of the cables are barely raised and I suppose you are meant to paint them. Instead I’ve used some 0.3mm fishing line and strung it over the deck as in the “work in progress” shot above. Then I stuck the whole lot together, did some painting, added the island and the endless gun sponsons and we have reached this point…


So, long way to go, especially as I’m missing half the funnel and there are loads of those photo etch things to do, but we are moving on.

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