I see Faireys…

While I wait for the good people at Maquettes Heller to send me the half a funnel that is missing from HMS Triumph, I thought I’d crack on with another of 800 Squadron’s aircraft. This time it is the Fairey Fulmar Mk.1.


So Their Lordships decided that what a naval fighter really needed was a passenger in the back who could radio back all sorts of useful things about the enemy fleet. Most pilots were of the opinion the most important thing was to attack the enemy then make a beeline home and make the report in person. Their Lordships, of course, got their way so the underpowered Fulmar became a two-hander. What life must have been like for the navigator/radio operator in the back I wouldn’t like to guess.


The kit comes from the charmingly-named “Special Hobby” company. Three main sprues, one for the transparencies (incl. landing light), a set of decals for three possible aircraft, a small set of photo-etch and some polyethylene resin wheels.

I had previously obtained some canopy masks from Eduard, as you will have noticed the rear half of the ‘plane resembles a flying greenhouse so getting the frames right would be a real pain.


Here we are after the cockpit construction and fuselage assembly. The photo etch had to be primed and painted along with everything else. I think I did a good enough job on the crew straps. I also managed to attach the canopy release handles on the inside – a major step forward as they are TINY, although I won’t know how much you can actually see until the masks come off the windows. At least I know they are there.

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