Mark I complete – Mark II next…

I feel very achieved. The Mark I Fairey Fulmar is complete. Let me show you why I’m happy.


First off, this was the first kit I’ve completed with an all-over airbrush paint job. Using the exquisite Vallejo Air paints it was relatively easy to get the scheme done once I had got the hang of the airbrush controls! Once the window masks come off, it all looks rather fine. Then we add all the other bits and pieces – propeller, undercarriage, gun ports, etc., and we are ready for decals.


I will say that the decals in this kit are excellent – very good colour density and very clean. I added a bit of soot being the exhausts and guns, a bit of wear on the leading edges of the wings and even a wireless cable (trusty 0.3mm fishing line). Overall, pretty happy with it. Even the ‘greenhouse’ looks OK…


So, the Mark II is next. Chocks away!!!

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