A Brace of Fulmars

So, the second Fairey Fulmar. Well, it is very much like the first…


This one comes with the option to make it as a NF Mk.II night fighter. However interesting that would be, 800 NAS didn’t operate them so it’s a no from me. Instead this will be a plain old Fulmar Mk.II.


The kit is very nearly identical, although there are a few more photo etched parts, an extra sprue of resin bits (that I don’t need – they are the mounting stubs for the night fighter radar antennae) and some extra decals. The eagle-eyed will notice some US-style stars – but I’ll cover that on the next Hurricane build. In the meantime, things went pretty much as before. The assembly of the rear cockpit area was just as tricky as before, getting the pilot’s instrument panel to fit was a pig and it all required some filling and cleaning to make it look presentable. The propeller assembly on the boss was difficult to get right, and everything needed bits of trimming or filing down to get it to fit.

fulmars and stuff

But, after all that, here it is, the Fairey Fulmar Mk.II. Main differences are the radio aerials, extra air inlets under the nose and the panels just forward of the fuselage that stop the pilot’s night vision being knackered by the exhaust flames. Oh, and a bit of the tail is painted yellow.


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