Scruffy Hurricane

It has been a while, but here is the latest build.

Sea Hurricane IIb

This Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk.XII comes from an Airfix Club kit along with a Fairey Swordfish. The fun thing is choice of markings.

fulmars and stuff_3

In November 1942, British and American forces invaded northern Africa, specifically countries such as Morocco and Algeria that were under the control of the Vichy French government. The British naval aircraft that took part (including 800 NAS flying from HMS Biter) were given American stars to cover the usual red white and blue roundels. What was the reason? Well, one school of thought is that the French were traditionally more pro-American than pro-British so might not be too enthusiastic about trying to shoot down their chums from across The Pond. Another theory is that it would remove any confusion over French and British roundels.

Anyway, the kit is based on the Canadian-built Mk.VII Sea Hurricane. It comes as a Hurricane with a Sea conversion, in that one has to remove part of the rear fuselage to allow the hook assembly to be fitted.


Stock fuselage (left) and modified fuselage (right)

Much of the rest is fairly standard. However, I have just got some weathering stuff so I thought I’d make this a scruffy aircraft, one that has seen hard service. Thus the prop boss and blades have bits of the base aluminium showing through, the leading edges of the wings are similarly losing their paint and there is plenty of smoke staining and oil drips among the odd bit of corrosion.

Sea Hurricane IIb _1

What is disappointing is that the gun ports (all 12 of them) are decals. I might drill them out properly when I have a moment. Overall, I think it looks pretty fab, to be fair. I must try some more weathering soon.

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