A diversion into 1/48th

You may recall the first model I made in this project was actually a 1/48th scale Seafire FR.47 – everything else has been 1/72nd scale. Well, for Father’s Day I finally got round to making this one for Dad, the Supermarine Attacker F.1 in 1/48th scale.


The Attacker was the first jet aircraft to enter service in the Fleet Air Arm, doing so with 800NAS when they returned from the Korean War and embarked aboard HMS Eagle. Pretty much everything is wrong with the Attacker at first glance. It has a tail wheel, very unusual in jets and a real pain in the ass for deck handling. It has limited fuel capacity so a large extra tank has been added to the belly (the bit that hits the steel deck first if your undercarriage should fail). The fin looks a little too small and too far forward (a bit of a Supermarine trait – the Swift was the same, but there is a good aerodynamic reason… it prevents a stalled horizontal stabiliser masking the rudder and preventing spin recovery).

But, still, it did a job, was reasonably flyable, carried four 20mm cannon and paved the way for better things.

The model is by Trumpeter, nicely put together and fairly detailed. I added a few photo-etch bits, notably the air sensors on the nose. Nice crisp decals too. I could even paint the yellow and black markings on the ejection seat handle (at the top of there seat in those days). The model shows the strange double tail wheel (after all, it has to support the weight of the engine).

Overall a very pleasant kit to make, most of all I am very pleased with the paint job. Now all I have to do is make them in 1/72nd – an F.1 like this, an FB.1 (with wing stores such as rockets) and an FB.2 (uprated engine and different canopy). One of them with folded wings.

Oh, and best of all, Dad loved it!

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