The ‘Triumph’ dilemma

Well, work on the 1/400th scale “HMS Triumph”, Dad’s ship from Malaya and Korea, is very nearly done. I’ve got a name plate on order that should arrive in the next few days, I’ve done some photo-etch stuff on cranes and antenna masts, put in what I think was the armament of the time and have, of course, got the Union Flag on the deck!


I tried to find some 1/400 scale Spitfires, but no-one makes them. I was thinking of doing a 3D scan of one of the models I have made then turning that into a 3D printer file, but I hit a wall of lack of talent. BUT I then found someone had done some 1/400 scale Fairey Fireflies, the attack aircraft that equipped 827NAS on HMS Triumph at the time, and which are available through an online 3D printer. So, I got in touch with the designer and he says he is going to design some 1/400 Seafire FR.47s so I can have 800NAS fighters on deck as well.

Now the dilemma. It is Dad’s birthday in a couple of weeks and the Seafires won’t be ready. Do I give him the model now, then do the two air squadrons later, or do I try to find something else for his birthday and maybe keep the carrier for later?

What do you think?

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