Bonsai Firefly

Off at a tangent again, to go back to the 1/400th scale HMS Triumph.

I am pleased to say that the first squadron, 827NAS operating the Fairey Firefly, is ready to embark.


This is what they look like when they arrived from the 3D printers. Given the very, very small size they are incredibly detailed.

The problem is then painting. All my usual tricks of masking, etc. go right out of the window, so it is down to the shaky hand of middle age to do it…


However, I think they are not too bad. The 1p piece helps give a sense of scale. They have the fleet colours (extra dark sea grey over sky type B) with the black and white ‘invasion’ stripes used during the Korean War. The idea is that you didn’t shoot at anyone with these stripes (unless you were Chinese or North Korean, of course, in which case it’s a bit of a giveaway…).

So, in another week from now I should have the 1/400 Seafire FR.47s so that 800NAS will be ready for duty as well.

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