Return of the Seafire

Seafire XVII 4

Next to cross off the list, a couple of Seafire XVII from the years just after WW2. The nice thing was that both came in the one box – a 2-for-1 kit from Sword.


And, true to their word, in it there are two complete kits, plus two fuselages for what I suspect are Seafire Mk.XV, but without canopies for them. Bit of a waste of plastic, but there we are.

Seafire XVII 1

The kits are OK, reasonably well moulded with just a bit of flash here and there. There are also some resin bits, although why you need them for 20mm guns and for exhaust stubs I don’t know – just makes assembly a bit more difficult. What is really, truly annoying is that the instruction sheet is mixed up and out of order and there are no part numbers on the sprues. The fit is so-so, but panel lines are not too deep. Of course, I couldn’t just make two Seafires from the same Mark just with different paint jobs. Oh, no. What I did was make one into a wing-folded example.

Seafire XVII 3

So for this I had to make the wings then cut them with a very fine saw, add some hinges from bits of photo-etch from another kit and add some bracing rods (the red bits). Turned out pretty close to the photos I’ve seen, so I’m happy. This kit is in the slightly later colours, used in the Mediterranean, while the other is in the Northern scheme with more dark sea grey.

4 thoughts on “Return of the Seafire

    1. I had plans for making all kinds of hinges, etc., but just went with a load of poly cement and some Blu-Tack to keep it in place! There used to be a wing fold kit available for the Mk.III Seafire (same wings as the XV/XVII) but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

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      1. That’s an interesting solution to an awkward problem. Some manufacturers don’t seem to think about the problems with intricate hinges, connections and the like, I guess that’s what brings out the creative side of us!


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