Ever, the bridesmaid…

Ask anyone to name a famous fighter aircraft, and the vast majority will say “Spitfire”. Now, I’m not about to dis’ on Reginald Mitchell’s work of genius, but wherever there is a blushing bride there is also a bridesmaid, and the Spitfire/Seafire’s bridesmaid was the Hawker Hurricane/Sea Hurricane.


This is an Airfix kit of the Mk.IIc Sea Hurricane. Much was as before with the Mk.XVII I told you about here. So, cut out a bit of the rear fuselage for the arrestor hook assembly, etc. The kit is very nicely modelled, needed very little filling and went together well. I went for a slightly odd paint scheme I have seen on other Sea Hurricanes and in which I understand 800NAS indulged briefly. White was applied over most of the dark colouring as a trial in Mediterranean conditions. I imagine they thought – “Hello, with the chaps all wearing tropical whites, shouldn’t the kites be blancoed as well?”


The top of the nose was left alone, to minimise glare. 800NAS also indulged in their habit of adding red to everything, with the prop boss being a charmingly scarlet hue. The experiment was relatively short-lived, it was back to two-tone camouflage (extra dark sea grey and dark slate grey) for the rest of the war. The nice thing is that it gave me a chance to do a bit of weathering on it to make it look lived in. Very happy I am with it as well.

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