Bucc’ed up with Hurricanes

Well, what else has been happening in 800 NAS land?

When I purchased the Skua kit for the wing fold build from Ebay, I also got a Mark I Hurricane. It had the metal wings (not fabric covered), so with a bit of chopping and glueing (much à la Sea Gladiator) I added a tail hook and created a Sea Hurricane Ib.

Sea Hurricane

This means I now have all four types of Sea Hurricane flown by 800 NAS during World War Two. That’s a whole aircraft type off the list, to go along with the Hellcats and the Harriers/Sea Harriers. Now we’re rocking!

To keep the momentum, I have also done the first of the Buccaneers, a Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S.2. This is an old Airfix kit. It’s OK in many respects, although the very old tooling looks old and there is a need for considerable filling and sanding to get rid of odd gaps and fitting.


But, when painted up in late 800 NAS colours, it looks OK. The squadron badge on the air inlets had to be made up from bits and pieces and there are other stencils from various places but it all appears reasonable enough if a little understated.


There are two more Buccs to do (an S.1 and an S.2 with detailing and wing fold), but those will have to wait for some more Ebay action.

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