Airfix autumn arrivals announced

Well, I am very excited and impressed with Airfix. Having built two of their Buccaneer models, I have commented on how tired the moulds are, even on the later versions. Essentially they kept the old moulds for the fuselage and wings and added a few extra bits of weapons, like Paveway smart bombs, to keep up to date.


But now they have announced that a new kit of the Buccaneer S.2 is to be released later this year, and it is a new tooling. This means they have gone back to the proverbial drawing board (or CAD package, anyway) and have started from scratch. The CAD renders they have put online look brilliant, I have to say.

The kit will come with wing fold as standard, and will also have proper interior fittings allowing the airbrakes at the tail to be open. The refuelling probe looks realistic (not just a blob of plastic on a stick), the radome hinge is accurate, the engine intake is spot on and the overall lines are beautiful, especially over the area-rule bulge in front of the fin.


Now for the good bit. The provisional artwork is for Fleet Air Arm aircraft, not RAF (where the FAA kites ended up), including one from 800NAS aboard HMS Eagle. The red flash on the tail fin is something very difficult to find as a decal, as they are out of production. If Airfix goes ahead as planned, it will be the perfect kit to finish my Buccaneer fleet.


Best of all, as they have also re-released the monster 1/48th scale Sea Vixen, does this mean they are going to release more FAA jets in future? Dare we dream for an Airfix Supermarine Scimitar, with the famous 800NAS “foaming beer glass” artwork…..? Please?

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