In need of beauty

Well, after the trauma of making a kit of a ‘plane as awful of aspect as the Blackburn Roc, I needed to get my aesthetic on, so time for another Sea Hawk – the FGA.6.

This is the same Hobby Boss kit as I did recently, as the difference between the FGA.4 and the FGA.6 was the engine. This gave me the chance to use a later paint scheme as well.

The build was pretty much as before. This time I have done a closed cockpit and have not put any underwing stores so as to emphasise the aircraft’s very clean lines. seahawk_fga6_1What IS different is that this time I have put some weight in the nose ahead of the game – in the form of some squashed .22 lead air pellets glued into the fuselage underneath where the cockpit goes. As it turned out, this wasn’t quite enough and I had to add another one inside the nose wheel well later.

The paint job is the later FAA scheme of extra dark sea grey (EDSG) over white, what some refer to as ‘Fleet’ colours. With the exception of the all-over EDSG used by later Buccaneers, this scheme was in use up until the Falklands War, when Sea Harriers were repainted double-quick to get rid of the white.



I think this one really shows off the lines of such a beautiful aeroplane. Sadly the last airworthy example, WV908, is no longer, well, airworthy and is in storage.

So, one more Sea Hawk to be made – one that will present some challenges…


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