Bombing up the new Bucc

If you’ve read my account of building the new Airfix Buccaneer S.2, you’ll know I think it to be an outstanding kit. But, there were a few niggles, and one was the empty bomb bay.


I mean, why go to all that trouble to have a bomb bay if you’re not going to put anything in it? So, I get a set of resin 1000lb HE bombs of the period from a company called Reskit.


They are resin with photo-etch brass fins. Fiddly is a word that springs to mind. Plus a few others, anyway, I think they work OK and give the Buccaneer the right sort of aggressive intent. BTW, I did fix the fin of the bomb at lower right…


As with all the decal action on the belly of the plane, not many people will bother to look for them when the kit is on the shelf, but I feel happier and it’s my project, so there!

Next up is a report of something that caused me many troubles. If the last shall be first (and it was, as I think the Harrier GR.9 was the first 1/72 kit I made here), then naturally the first shall be last, and the last kit of Phase One of the project is the Hawker Nimrod.

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