Osprey comes home to roost

As mentioned before, at its inception 800 NAS operated the Hawker Nimrod and Osprey biplanes. Having completed a Nimrod I, Nimrod II and Osprey I, it is time to complete the line-up with an Osprey III. Well, I say “complete”. There was a problem (of which more below).


There really isn’t much to say about this kit that wasn’t covered before. The biggest difference is that the model comes either as a float plane or with wheels.


The colours are a bit brighter than on other biplanes, as this aircraft represents an Osprey flying from HMS Ark Royal, so the identification stripe is red on blue. The tail has a nice red colour that foretells of many aircraft to come.


Now, the problem. While researching the aircraft I saw a photo of an Osprey with wings being folded. Yes, folding biplane wings. The hinge is at the trailing edge of upper and lower wings at the end of the ‘slot’ – just behind the rear support strut on the lower wing and the rear cabane strut on the upper wing.

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 13.00.18

(Photo courtesy British Aerospace archives)

So, I need to do some research into the method of keeping the wings apart – I can see a v-shaped pair of bracing bars fitted toward the front of the break line – and what they did with the bracing wire that goes from the upper forward strut to the top of the undercarriage forward strut – here it appears to be loose but that isn’t exactly very Admiralty. Also, find out where the hinge is. So, I haven’t finished with the Ospreys just yet…

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