Another day, another Bucc…

Time to go back to heavy metal – the heaviest of all the metal flown by 800NAS, the superb Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S.2 and the new Airfix kit. You may recall I have already done one with wings folded, etc., so now I want to do one ‘clean’ and in the early Fleet markings.


The kit is exactly as before, except there are more bits I’m not using. Airbrakes are not deployed, wings are level and the flaps are not set.


Most of the faff with this build has been finding the decals to go on it. The all-over extra dark sea grey (EDSG) used in later years means that the underside decals are all white. I had to get a decal set from KH World that included black underside markings. However, this also included some yellow panel edging and other bits that the later Airfix markings didn’t use. I managed to cobble together the serial number and used things like the squadron badge from Airfix. The ‘E’ for HMS Eagle came from an Xtradecal set of white letters.


All things considered, I’m happy with the look. Anything white at sea gets grubby quickly so I added some oil stains to the black panel lines to make the plane look a little ‘lived in’.


So, what is next? Probably a lot of work. Both kits that are due to arrive first will have some modification to a greater or lesser extent. Let’s see how brave I feel…

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