Folding a Seafire

You’d have thought that, being a photographer reasonably competent with things digital that I would have learnt by now. You take pictures, you put them on your system and back them up. I neglected to do step 2 from the above, so have no production photos from this build. Which is a pity, because it is a beauty.

The Seafire FR.47 was the last in the line of navalised Spitfires. It wasn’t the first to have folding wings, that started with the Mk.III and continued with the Mk.XV and Mk.XVII. The FR.47 was the only Seafire to have powered wing folding, previously the wings were folded manually by a reasonably large crew.

The other thing about this build was the conversion to an ‘open engine’, with the covers off as if it were being serviced. The conversion is by CMR and comprises the RR Griffon engine, mountings, cover panels and bulkhead. I also got a set of ladders from Brengun.

The wing fold was made by cutting along the relevant lines on the kit and blanking off the ends with bits taken from a surplus Fairey Fulmar wing fold photo etch set and sanded to size. The open side door was part of the photo etch that came with the kit.

So that is pretty much all I can tell you. I wish I could find the photos, I really do, as they were quite instructive. Ah well.

So, there is just one more kit to go. One more model to complete the entire project. The first aircraft to carry the colours of 800NAS or its predecessors, the Gloster Nightjar. And it is the first vac form kit I’ve ever made…

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